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Link  Management Tool

Link building is an important aspect for Digital Marketing Companies. It is as crucial as any other SEO trick. theteamstuff facilitates the link builder to manage and track their efforts easily. It works as a reporting tool and provides all the details of the active and inactive links to the user. It helps in adding new manual links, assign these links a type like Organic Link or Paid, a status like Active, Requested, an owner, a tag and more.

theteamstuff’s Link Management Tool is one of the best that you can consider. It's a platform where you can manage everything about links here including types, checking the active or inactive status etc.

Easy To Use

It allows you to add a new campaign as the first step, further allowing you to add new manual link and switch between projects. Here, you can also update a campaign whenever you require. You can choose setting as shown in the image to monitor your links. You can either go for monitoring all the links or can check individually at once.

Secondly and most importantly you can check the status of your links from here easily and effortlessly.

Customized Reports

theteamstuff offers you an option of creating customized reports as per your requirements.

You just need to fill the little details like dates (from and to), weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or even as per the status of the links like active, requested etc.

You can generate your reports in PDF and excel format as per your convenience. You can even get the details of active and inactive link details in these reports.

Bulk Download

This is yet another feature of the Link Management tool offered by theteamstuff.

You'll get the flexibility of downloading the per-defined files for your projects with this option.

Just click “Bulk Download” and get the reports within seconds.

Graphical Reports

The reports generated not only provides you with the relevant statistics but also offers the graphical representation of the data. You can easily generate quick graphical reports in PDF format of your active links and you can send it to your SEO clients. With the help of this feature, you can check your work performance graphically which provides you with better insights and is pretty easy to understand.

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