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Creating Project reports can turn pretty messy given the time and effort it takes from a professional. Right from making Project Summaries to User Time logs, the KPIs remain endless to count. Connect with theteamstuff- The One-Stop Solution to all your Report related Queries!

Project Reports – An Effortless Affair!

While dealing professionally, one has to keep an account of everything that is happening and Reporting becomes indispensible in such a case. With The Team Stuff, get access to a number of detailed automated generated reports as per the Metrics you decide! Cherry on the Cake? We’ve covered it all. Right from the Core project details, User Time logs, Invoice Generations, SEO Statistics, SMO Performance; name it & we have it. Let’s have a quick glance at a few reports that theteamstuff brings to you!

Project Overview Report

Get access to the direct Project Overview with this report. Just by a quick glance, you’ll have an idea of the total tasks allotted to the team, number of milestones given & completed, total Links created for the project and the total time taken by all the users. Each section would elaborate the data further, if chosen.

User Performance Report

Get an overview of your Team in one Go with this User Performance Report. It’ll cover all the tasks allotted to any individual with a brief account of the overdue, completed and upcoming tasks.

Project Time Log

This report gives you an insight of the total time taken in the project by different Team Members. It shall define the user, the tasks they were involved in, the time log informing the beginning and the ending of the task along with the total time taken. Also, it shall give you an insight if it is billable.

SMO Analysis Report

In order to keep a track of the Social Media Performance of your projects, this report will do just fine. This SMO Specific report analyses your presence on different Social Media platforms covering all important metrics and permitting you to filter from the platforms you wish to see along with the metrics finalized.

SEO Specific Report

This report helps up in analyzing the status of your project with all the analytical details and link management activities. Just by a quick glance, one can have an idea of how the project is going. One can filter the same all the important metrics he/she wishes to track.

Invoice Reports

In case you were overwhelmed by the reports mentioned above, here’s cherry on the cake. theteamstuff generates a proper & detailed Invoice Report that can be given to your clients. With points like Date, project Name, Currency, Rates etc., covered, an invoice like this makes a perfect summation to the project.

Yes, there are absolutely no extra charges for the same. Generate your project invoice with just 1-Click functionality with theteamstuff!

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