Team & Task Management

A Brand’s success is defined by the collaborative Team’s effort. While managing a team can become messy at times, theteamstuff offers a great solution to the same. Register yourself with us & avail the perks!

Team Overview

When one assigns a project to the team, overviews like these help in filtering out the summary of the work done by the Team members. One can choose a particular time slot from the date filter section and search up the details of all the things done in the given time frame. One will be able to fetch details of the Team Member’s Name, his task description, task list (if defined) and the time log with beginning and ending time for the same. One can also add if the time is billable.

Maintaining the Users’ Details

Managing and maintaining a team’s details is indeed a very important thing to do. theteamstuff offers you a directory where all your added team members get listed alphabetically with their details like name, designation / role & the Emails IDs. This can further be filtered, if need be. You can maintain such users’ list project wise.

Team Work Summary

The image here explains the overall work status Dashboard for a project. If you have to check the summarized overview of the work done for a project, theteamstuff supports a great Dashboard for the same. This shall highlight the total tasks done along with the total milestone and time logs. Further, it shall narrow down to the status of each, team wise.

In a Nutshell

Team Management

Task Management

Time Logs

Billable / Non-Billable Time

Milestone / Deadline Management

Direct Team Communication

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