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Evaluate and analyze your team's performance by assigning task, tracking time and team collaboration from one tool. Use the theteamstuff Team Planning to stay connected with your teammates. Here’s why you must start using it "Now"!

Collaborative Team Environment

A project is nothing without its team. Team planning and management are as important as anything else because a team is who will produce the results. No team can work together towards achieving the goals if there is miscommunication and lack of planning. Therefore, it is always recommended to have a collaborative environment for the team to work together and thrive for excellence.

As a project manager or a team leader it will benefit you in long run and will help you create efficiency and effectivity if you know the roles and responsibilities of your team members respectively.

Roles And Responsibilities

Knowing everyone's role and being familiar with the responsibility of those roles create efficiency and flexibility. Both are very important for the success of project management needs. With the help of this tool, the project manager can assign roles and responsibilities to the team members as per their interests, profile and work capabilities. Every member has limitations of accessing documents/files such as View, Add, Edit and Delete in every project. The project manager can decide who can see these project features such as Task, Milestone, Message, File, Time and use them accordingly.

Easy Task Assignment

theteamstuff has easy task assignment feature with many functionalities like adding task details along with useful files, assign them to the team members separately, know who's working on which task, etc. You can also, optionally add sub-tasks and get all email notifications for team activity.

Time Tracking

Time tracking plays a crucial role in team and project management. You can allot time to the team members to complete a task, and can also keep a track of time consumed in completing a task.

Deadline Dates And Risk Alerts For Team

Deadlines must be met to successfully complete the tasks/projects effectively and efficiently. Completing the tasks before the deadline leave you with enough time to recheck it, and correct the loopholes, if any. With theteamstuff, you can send reminders and risk alerts to the team members regarding the deadline dates.

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